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Our hours are by appointment only. Please contact the studio to set up an appointment to discuss our services.

We have moved to Topaz Ranch Estates, near Wellington and approximately 25 min from Gardnerville. If our new location is too far off the beaten path, we are willing to make accommodations by arranging to meet our clients for drop off or pick up in Carson City, Gardnerville, and occasionally Reno, free of charge. This service is by appointment only and generally requires a minimum of a few days notice.

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North American Species               Shoulder         Lifesize Antelope             $600                       $2450 Badger                  $350                       $900 Bear, Black          $625                       $3000 Bear, Brown       $675                       $4450 Boar                       $825                       $2800 Bobcat                  $450                       $950 Caribou                 $725                       $3500 Cougar                  $650                       $2750 Coyote                 $450                       $950 Deer                      $600                       $2450 Elk                          $1150 Fox                         $450                       $950 Javelina                 $550                       … Continue reading Pricing

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