Terms and Conditions

All licenses, tags, and identification must be presented with specimen for taxidermists inspection and recording.

All clients will be required to sign a statement that their specimen was taken legally in compliance with state and federal game laws.

Due to factors beyond the taxidermists control, all tanning is done at specimen owners risk.

Any finished work not paid for in full and picked up within 60 days of being notified of completion, becomes the property of Bristlecone Studio and any deposit or payments made will be forfeited.

Estimated completion dates are tentative and subject to seasonal and other factors.

Bristlecone Studio, its owners and operators will NOT be held responsible for loss or damage to specimen or commission resulting from fire, vandalism, flood, third party loss or damage, or other circumstances or acts of God beyond the studio’s control.

50% minimum deposit required prior to commencement of work, balance due immediately upon completion of commission. Please make checks out to Heidi Thompson.

Checks returned for any reason will result in a $35 returned check fee and requirement for all further payments be made in cash, money order, cashier’s check, or (if service is available) credit/debit card.

Bristlecone Studio reserves the right to retain possession of all work until final balance clears for payment. No work will be released from the studio until balance is paid in full.

Cancellation of any work order will result in a $50 service charge plus any labor, overhead, and supply costs already incurred.

Payment arrangements can be made if needed



North American

Species               Shoulder         Lifesize

Antelope             $600                       $2450

Badger                  $350                       $900

Bear, Black          $625                       $3000

Bear, Brown       $675                       $4450

Boar                       $825                       $2800

Bobcat                  $450                       $950

Caribou                 $725                       $3500

Cougar                  $650                       $2750

Coyote                 $450                       $950

Deer                      $600                       $2450

Elk                          $1150

Fox                         $450                       $950

Javelina                 $550                       $1000

Lynx                       $475                       $1000

Moose                  $1400

Mouflon              $575                       $2150

Mtn. Goat           $725                       $3100

Musk Ox              $1275

Sheep                   $775                       $3100

Raccoon               $350                       $900

Wolf                      $475                       $2100

Wolverine           $450                       $985

  •    Lifesize includes basic habitat, extra habitat can be included for additional charge
  •   Walnut or Oak display base available for additional charge
  •   ½ Lifesize mounts are 75% lifesize price
  •   Pedestal shoulder mounts additional 20% plus cost of base/ wall habitat

Antler Mounts

Includes basic walnut or oak panel and your choice color leather and braid

Antelope                             $200

Caribou                                 $275

Deer                                      $200

Elk                                          $275

Moose                                  $350

Mouflon                              $200

Mtn. Goat                           $250

Sheep                                   $250


Includes double felt border & head mounted

Open mouth extra charge $150

Badger                                  $650

Bear                                       $200/Li. Ft

Bobcat                                  $700

Cougar                                  $1100

Coyote                                 $700

Fox                                         $650

European Mounts

Oak or Walnut panel/double panel extra charge $50-100

Top skull (bottom jaw extra)

Antelope/Deer                 $225

Caribou/Elk                         $350

Mouflon/Mtn. Goat       $225

Sheep                                   $300


Full skull and bottom jaw

Bear                                       $225-250

Boar                                       $300

Bobcat/Coyote/Fox            $175

Cougar                                  $200

Extra Charges

  •   Velvet preservation  $50 and up
  •   Open Mouth $150-200
  •   Extra sewing, repairs, alterations, extra habitat, and skinning charged at shop rate of $35/hr. plus cost of materials



We are happy to provide additional quotes on species not listed

We are happy to research and recommend quality taxidermists for your bird and fish needs

We offer a small discount to our military and coast guard veterans and active duty

We offer a one time 10% discount for the first deer of a junior hunter (17 and under)- must be first kill and must present proof of age

Estimated turn around times:

  • Shoulder / antler mounts   – 6 months
  • Lifesize/ European mounts   – 6+ months 


Prices subject to change without notice