Heidi Thompson- wildlife artist

With a personal foundation in hunting and trapping and a great respect for the outdoors, I understand the importance of preserving our outdoor heritage for future generations. I began learning the art of taxidermy as an apprentice and have continued to learn through videos, online seminar resources, networking, and books.
Taxidermy is an all-encompassing craft that requires skill in woodworking, design, mold creation, tanning principles, animal anatomy, and much more. But as important as craftsmanship, a connection to the outdoors and a respect for nature is central to the process.

I bring more than a set of learned skills to the craft. I have spent many hours in the field observing wildlife in their natural habitat, studying habits and expressions rarely seen by the casual observer.  It is my goal to produce work that goes beyond the average “head on a wall” -that invites the viewer into the private world and individual personality of wildlife. Three years of college instruction in the fine art classes of oil painting, drawing, sculpture, color, and design theory have given me additional insight to develop artistic expression and balance in preserving the memories of your experience and expressing the intricate beauty of creation.

The Studio

Bristlecone Studio specializes in North American large and small game, but on request, we are pleased to offer competitive rates on game from around the world.

Our focus is quality over quantity. We are a small home-based business able to offer personalized service often unavailable in a commercial operation. We understand the anxious wait for a treasured mount, and make the effort to communicate the process along the way.

 Heidis antelope